MIMt - (Mass Identification of Metagenomics tests)

16S rRNA database

A curated 16S rRNA database for quick species identification

MIMt is a new 16S rRNA database for archaea and bacteria’s identification, consisting of 47,001 sequences, all of them properly identified at species level. MIMt is updated to include all species  currently sequenced. MIMt contains no redundancy, and despite of its small size is the most complete and accurate database in terms of taxonomic information, enabling higher assignation at lower taxonomic ranks and thus, significantly improving species-level identification.

MIMt is composed of 16S sequences from 23,780 genomes, 851 belonging to archaea and 22,929 from bacteria.  All 16S sequences were obtained from sequenced genomes well identified at the NCBI RefSeq site.

                                    16S ribosomal RNA

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MIMt – A curated 16S rRNA reference database with less redundancy and higher accuracy at species-level identification.

Cabezas MP., Fonseca NA., Muñoz-Merida A. BioRxiv, 2023.12.15.571851v1. DOI:https://doi.org/10.1101/2023.12.15.571851